Short history of the Croatian Nobility Association

The Croatian Nobility Association (HPZ) was founded in November 1995 by a group of 13 descendants of the noble families from southern (Dubrovnik, Split) and northern Croatia (Lika, Zagreb County), as well as from other historical parts of Croatia

The Association was founded as a national association of the Croatian nobility.

The aim of the Association is to gather all what has remained of the Croatian nobility, having preserved their respect for tradition and love for their country.

The headquarters of the Association is in Zagreb, and it has branches in Split, Zadar, Osijek, Opatija and of course in Zagreb.

Organs of the Association are:

  1. Great Nobiliary Council (all members)
  2. Nobiliary Board (seventeen elected members)
  3. Supervisory Board (three elected members)
  4. Senate (special elected members)
  5. Court of Honor (three elected members)

Up till now we have had 18 sessions of the Great Nobiliary Council:

  1. 16thOctober 1995 in Zagreb at the Club of university teachers
  2. 4thMay 1996 at Nin, at the Town hall
  3. 24thMay 1997 in Zagreb
  4. 24thOctober 1998 at Knin, at  the Town army hall
  5. 15thApril 2000 in Zagreb, at the Archaeological Museum
  6. 27thOctober 2001 at Samobor, at Town museum
  7. 17thMay 2003 in Zagreb, at the Croatian history museum
  8. 9thApril 2005 in Zagreb, , at the Croatian history museum
  9. 4thMarch 2006 in Zagreb, at the Croatian history institute
  10. 21stApril 2007 in Split, at Old town hall
  11. 12thApril 2008 in Zagreb at the Croatian history museum
  12. 25thApril 2009 in Zadar, at  the Town hall
  13. 27thNovember 2010 in Zagreb at the Palace hotel
  14. 5thNovember 2011 in Zagreb at the Croatian history institute
  15. 11thMay 2013 in  the castle Ozalj
  16. 25thOctober 2014 in Zagreb
  17. 24thApril 2015 in Križevci, at Town hall
  18. 17thOctober 2015 in Zagreb, at Old town hall
  19. 26th November 2016 in Zagreb, Croatian Pan-European Union

The Nobiliary Board - the executive body, has meetings from time to time; now every second Monday in the month, except during the summer.

  • The first president was Nikola pl. Cindro, the second Ante pl. Rendić-Miočević, the third Ivo pl. Durbešić, the forth Marko pl. Mladineo and now the incumbent is Branko pl. Cindro
  • We have now about 250 members from 76 families.
  • The members of branches have their meetings from time to time with some lectures, excursions, concerts etc.
  • We have our web site in Croatian as well in English language.
  • Every year we publish our journal Glasnik with summary in English, up till now 12 issues.
  • Among other jobs, we are dealing now with two quite difficult tasks:
    • To organize permanent lectures under the title "The role of Croatian Nobility in Maintaining the Continuity of the National Idea and Statehood",
    • To prepare the Golden Book of the Noble Families of the HPZ. (We have already published 7 volumes of Contributions to the Golden Book.