Croatian Nobility Association

"What you have inherited from your fathers, you must earn in order to possess."

The Croatian Nobility Association (HPZ) was founded in November 1995 by a group of 13 descendants of the noble families from southern (Dubrovnik, Split) and northern Croatia (Lika, Zagreb County), as well as from other historical parts of Croatia. The Association was founded as a national association of the Croatian nobility.

The aim of the Association is to gather all what has remained of the Croatian nobility, having preserved their respect for tradition and love for their country. The Association does not aim for privileges, because it considers them to be incompatible with a democratic society. Therefore it is necessary to determine clearly and steadily the aims and directions for the activity of the Association in order to leave out any vanity and to keep the wish to serve one's own country in the same way as our ancestors did in times of danger, from the Krbava Field to Klis, from Sisak to Lepant and Siget, and following the cultural and ethical heritage we meet with the nobility of Dubrovnik.


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